Major New Synapse Features Review of 2.7.2 features and direction in the software.
Advanced Billing Review of more difficult billing set-up including minimums, surcharges, lot receipt rates, etc.
Advanced Facility set-up Will cover Facility set up with deeper emphasis on section, zone and equipment strategies to effect a higher level of task management and control.
Advanced Receiving options Review of ASN receiving, as well as receiving alternatives for detailed LIP
Web Services Presentation on Web Services (API) connectivity within Synapse
Billing Basics Review of the basic billing process including Activity codes, customer billing settings and rate set up. Will also include the billing editing/approval and invoicing.
Business Intelligence Review of newest dashboard direction and product.
Cycle Counting, Countback and Suspense. Setting up and using cycle counting effectively including countback features and inventory control ramifications.
Directed Put-away Set up and development of directed put-away processes. Will review the variouos alternatives and discuss how to trouble shoot rule writing.
Electronic Signature Capture Setting up and using electronic capture, principally with Topaz signature pads.
Label Proc review Review of the current label procs, what they do and when best to use them.
Labor Reporting and Management Using the Synapse Labor Activity information as well as developing reports using the information in the system.
New WebSynapse Review of changes in WebSynapse
Picking Options Review of various pick types and when to use them. Will also cover pick line alternatives and using pick zone strategies to effect split tasking.
Renewals Review of various renewals methods and how to make them work in Synapse. Includes Anniversary, Pallet count, Grace periods. Will also talk to the impact of the renewal dates and what to be aware of with those.
WebRF features and hardware Discussion of Advanced options in WebRF as well as experience our user base has with various hardware.
Task Interleaving Setting up for a fully task managed warehouse. Review of set-up required and a discussion of differences in daily operation.
Small Parcel interface Will review how to set up with both UPS and FedEx as well as other applications and cover basics of ODBC mapping. Will also discuss troubleshooting and issues and how to manage them.
Wave Creation and Task Management Review of tactics and strategies for wave creation and release. Will cover how to manage more effective task management as a result.
Yard Management Review of the Yard management functionality
IE Basic Set-up Review of the recommended IE folder structure, how and why we do what we do there. Will also include Scheduler set up and file movement.
Roundtable of functionality of Legacy RF vs WebRF Discussion on the similarities and differences in using the two alternatives. Seeking input on how to make WebRF work more efficiently as well.
Roundtable on modern integration methods Discussion of evolution of system integrations, omnichannel shipping, and cloud services.
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