Hosted 3PL WMS: No I.T. Team? No Problem.

We at Zethcon realize that not everyone is interested in managing the IT infrastructure for the systems they use. It’s becoming more and more prevalent in this era of “the cloud”. To address this, Zethcon is pleased to offer Synapse either locally installed or hosted. Customers can choose the deployment method that works for them and enjoy the exact same powerful 3PL WMS software regardless of which method they choose.

Carrier Grade Hosting

Zethcon’s hosted customers enjoy peace of mind knowing that their 3PL WMS system is hosted in a carrier-grade facility in Chicago that is only minutes from the Zethcon home office. Multiple internet providers, multiple backup generators, monitored climate control, biometric access controls, and 24×7 manned support are all part of the package.

Systems Administered by Zethcon Experts

Zethcon’s hosting service is run by a team of dedicated professionals who monitor, backup, and administer all aspects of the system.

It’s Not A Cloud System – It’s Your System

Most cloud-based software is what you might call “single instance” software. This means that all users are logged into a single, online instance of the system and are sharing its resources. In this model, all users have the exact same version of the system with the exact same features. That’s not the Zethcon model. Zethcon hosted customers get their own private, hosted network and dedicated servers that run their unique instance of Synapse. This means that modifications and upgrades to the system come at the pace and on the schedule of the customer, not when determined by us.

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