More Than Just 3PL Warehouse Management Systems


We’re A Warehousing Company Too

Most people would describe Zethcon as a software company, and they would be right. But we look at ourselves a bit differently. At Zethcon, we really see ourselves as a warehouse company that provides software. You see, most of our staff have extensive experience in warehouse operations. So, we understand the challenges of warehouse operations because we’ve been there. And our software reflects that experience. Clean, intuitive and flexible, it allows you to focus on your operation and maximizing its performance.

We’re More Than A Vendor

Part of the way that we do business at Zethcon is to strive to be more than a vendor. We want to be your warehouse technology partner. Now, we know a lot of companies say that. At Zethcon though, we work hard to live up to that goal. Every Zethcon customer gets an advocate within the company – a Zethcon employee charged with ensuring that your needs and goals are being met. Zethcon promotes active communication not only between our customer and us but between customers as well with chat rooms and periodic group meetings where ideas and experiences can be exchanged. Zethcon is also an active member in various industry organizations like the IWLA and NARW where we work hard to stay in touch with the changing landscape of warehouse operations and business needs. In short, we’re part of the same industry you are: warehousing.

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