Industry Leading 3PL Warehouse Management System

Synapse, Powered by Zethcon.


What does this 3PL Management System really entail?

Zethcon offers a Best of Breed WMS for Third Party Logistics (both licensed and SaaS) that includes: RF, Directed Pick and Put away, Food and Temperature Controlled, Custom Labeling and Reporting, B to C Fulfillment, Kitting and Assembly, Appointment Scheduling, 4PL, Client Portals, Labor Tracking, Returns Order Processing and our software is well proven in the Industry.

Zethcon’s Synapse is a cutting edge 3PL WMS that provides unparalleled management  capabilities to modern warehouse operations. With features like real time tasking, included labor management, and flexible RF deployment, your operations will run like clockwork.

Giving You the 3PL Management System You Deserve.


Securely Hosted

Zethcon offers Synapse as a hosted solution on a cloud infrastructure fully managed by Zethcon experts. Robust business continually, on-call DBA support, and access from anywhere are all built in.

Integrate to Everyone

Synapse is designed to be integrated to customer systems in a number of ways. EDI, flat file exchanges, and a robust API allow your customers to send and receive data to and from Synapse with ease.

Power Up Operations

Capable of operating dozens of facilities, managing hundreds of users, and processing thousands of orders all on a single unified instance of the software, Synapse is your choice for robust management of growing 3PL operations.

3PL Warehouses that select Synapse will gain one of the most functional solutions on the market.

The depth of functionality comes from over 100 3PL’s that have successfully implemented the solution. Throughout the 20 years that SYNAPSE has been on the market, those 3PL’s have grown their business (Size, Services, and Revenues). With opportunity for growth, the WMS needs to be able to handle all business verticals. Areas such as Food Logistics, Apparel, HAZMAT, Raw/Bulk Materials, Consumer Packaged Goods, and Automotive just to name a few. The services which they provide include traditional storage & handling, e-fulfillment, cross-dock & transloading, pick and pack, kitting and assembly, returns processing and multi-temperature.

“I would say we chose Zethcon, not Synapse. We chose the people not the software. Our first criterion was choosing a partner where our business mattered as much to the developer as their software mattered to the success of operations.”

Arthur Barrett

President, Barrett Distribution


Synapse has a variety of features and functions that make the software versatile. In the 3PL environment, I appreciate the variety of options. Customer Support is excellent as well, as a long time customer the team has established working relationships with Zethcon employees that are familiar with our business, making trouble shooting and functional questions much easier to resolve.



Synapse has completely changed the way we operate. It has taken time to change our processes and re-train our employees, but for the better. Many of our customers have come to us from other 3PL’s and are astonished by the level of service and transparency that Synapse offers. Every system has pros and cons; there’s no perfect system out there. Zethcon listens to their customers, large and small.


Peak Manufacturing & Fulfillment

Who Are You Working With?

Here at Zethcon, we want you to enjoy the system you are choosing, but also enjoy the people you are partnering with. We value our relationships with our customers and we know you do too.

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