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Industry-Leading 3PL Warehouse Management System

Synapse WMS, the flagship product from Zethcon

A 3PL Warehouse Management Software (3PL WMS) Built for Growth

If you’re ready to grow, you’re ready for our 3PL WMS known as Synapse. From inbound and outbound to pick, pack and ship, our 3PL WMS offers broad, deep functionality in a highly configurable package to help optimize warehouse processes, drive revenue and provide end-to-end reliability.

Configuring our Warehouse Management Software is easy, but unlocks powerful functionality, offering a high level of detail and flexibility, with zero to little source code changes required. The high level of flexibility offers a more responsive solution with a lower cost to own and maintain.

Great for small, medium or large 3PL or distribution operations, Synapse WMS is capable of operating dozens of facilities, managing hundreds of users and processing thousands of orders – all on a unified, private instance of software. 

Power Up Your Operations With Our 3PL WMS


Depend on the 3PL Pros

From project management and implementation to software development and technical support, the experts at Zethcon can help you get the most out of our 3PL WMS, maximizing efficiency and profitability.


Securely Hosted

We offer a range of Synapse WMS hosting options to match your needs for flexibility and security. The cloud infrastructure is fully managed by Zethcon experts with technology redundancy, security controls, on-call support and access from anywhere.

Integrate with Everything 3PL

Our 3PL WMS makes advanced warehouses easier to control, easily integrating with financials and shopping carts, order management, ERP, parcel manifesting, warehouse automation and transportation management systems.

Our 3PL Warehouse Management Software Is Designed for the Most Demanding Industries

Over the 20 years Synapse WMS has been on the market, its depth of functionality has evolved with the more than 100 companies who have adopted the solution. From temperature-controlled food and hazmat chemicals to omnichannel retail and consumer packaged goods, your WMS must be equipped to handle a variety of verticals.


“I would say we chose Zethcon, not Synapse. We chose the people not the software. Our first criterion was choosing a partner where our business mattered as much to the developer as their software mattered to the success of operations.”

Arthur Barrett, President, Barrett Distribution


“Our switch to Synapse has transformed our business. Zethcon’s WMS and services provide us with the technology necessary to move our company forward.”

Tony Calabrase, VP of Technology, RBW Logistics


“Synapse has completely changed the way we operate. It has taken time to change our processes and re-train our employees, but for the better. Many of our customers have come to us from other 3PL’s and are astonished by the level of service and transparency that Synapse offers. Every system has pros and cons; there’s no perfect system out there. Zethcon listens to their customers, large and small.”

Jay, Peak Manufacturing & Fulfillment