Who Are You Working With?

People say they’ve been there and done that, we actually have.

Zethcon’s support and implementation personnel are not only top flight systems resources, they’re in their element in the warehouse too. Every person providing support at Zethcon has years of experience working in warehouses. Every implementation resource is a seasoned operations veteran. Synapse is developed by a group of developers with many decades of combined experience in developing software only for warehousing. It’s our specialty and it’s all we do. Oh, and we don’t outsource anything. Every person you will deal with is a Zethcon employee based in the United States.

You’ve got someone on the inside.

Every Zethcon customer gets a “Customer Advocate”, an individual at Zethcon who is uniquely positioned to ensure that your needs are being met and your voice is being heard. The Customer Advocate is a single person that you can contact for assistance with onboarding a new operation, clarifying best practice with a piece of system functionality, or reviewing your implementation to ensure optimal usage of Synapse. It’s a personal touch that means you’ll never feel like you’re dealing with a faceless person in a call center when you need to talk.

Want to talk to the owner? No problem.

Unlike so many 3PL WMS providers, Zethcon isn’t owned by a capital firm grooming the company to be sold. We’re owned by our employees. That means that working at Zethcon is more than a job for us. It’s part of who we are. And it means that when you’re talking to a Zethcon employee, you’re likely talking to a company owner.

A Team of Pros Ready to Help.

Zethcon supports its software offering with a professional services team unparalleled in the industry. By combining deep knowledge of the Synapse WMS with years of experience in warehouse operations and technology, our team can help you optimize your use of the software to attain maximum efficiency and profitability.

No Contractors Here.

Services associated with Zethcon software are provided by Zethcon personnel every time. We don’t outsource any aspect of our business. That means that when implementing our system, you are supported by professionals with a vested interest in your success, not contracted consultants.

A WMS Company That Can Engineer Your Operations? Yep.

Zethcon is a software company. It’s what we do. But it’s not all we do. Our team of professionals has a deep understanding of warehouse operations, general technology, and 3PL. Although our service offerings center around our WMS, we can fold in additional valuable elements like 3PL pricing, warehouse layout, process engineering, IT planning and deployment, and other supplemental services that make our service offering more complete than you’ll find anywhere else.