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Hosting Services

Your business is keeping high performance supply chains moving, not managing software IT infrastructure. At Zethcon, we understand this and offer a variety of hosting options for you to choose from – all with the same powerful WMS.



On Premise

Security to Sleep Well At Night

SaaS or hosted customers enjoy peace of mind, knowing that their WMS is hosted in a carrier-grade facility in Chicago, mere minutes from Zethcon headquarters. Multiple internet providers, several backup generators, monitored climate control, biometric access controls and state-of-the-art enterprise equipment are all a part of the package. And an available secondary carrier-grade facility in New York provides further redundancy and security to ensure always-on uptime. Zethcon hosting services are run by a team of dedicated professionals who monitor, backup, support and administer all aspects of Synapse WMS, all day everyday.

Upgrades on Your Schedule

Most cloud-based software takes a “single instance” approach, meaning all users are logged into the same version with the exact same features. Zethcon is different. Our customers get a private hosting network with dedicated servers that run their unique instance of Synapse. Modifications and upgrades to the system come on customers’ schedules – not ours.

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