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Christopher J. Oechsel

President and CEO

Chris oversees the entire organization, responsible for company strategy, building successful teams and ultimately, ensuring Zethcon functions as the ideal software partner for 3PL and distribution operations. He joined Zethcon in the late 1980s, serving in a variety of roles and immersing himself in all aspects of WMS projects and the organization before ascending to his current position. 

 Chris led Zethcon through its evolution as a 3PL specialist, stocking the organization with experienced talent, focusing involvement with the International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA) and creating Synapse WMS to meet the unique needs of 3PL operations. Through this period, he prioritized building a knowledgeable team and a consistent culture that has resulted in low staff turnover and long-lasting customer relationships. 

 Currently, Chris is positioning the company to enhance integration support and help customers capitalize on advanced technologies, modernizing Synapse WMS to leverage robotics on the warehouse floor, integrate with e-commerce storefronts and more. 

 Chris has an extensive history with the IWLA, serving on the board of directors for three years and as a committee chair for 13 years. He graduated from Miami University in Ohio with a bachelor’s degree in finance.


Chipper Farley

Vice President, Technology Solutions

Chipper has nearly 25 years of 3PL experience, including over 15 years at Zethcon. He oversees the company’s core software product offering, responsible for Synapse WMS and its associated hosting solutions. 

Chipper has been involved with Synapse WMS from the beginning, working with the design and deployment team that first created the software. In his current role, Chipper leads software modernization initiatives to ensure Synapse WMS remains an industry-leading 3PL software solution. These efforts include supporting long-term scalability, boosting integration capacity and addressing demand for e-commerce and omnichannel functionalities. From a hosting standpoint, Chipper is responsible for providing best-fit cloud options to meet customer requirements and ensure business continuity. 

Chipper is active in the IWLA, presenting on topics ranging from e-commerce to APIs. He holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Miami.


Kimberly Bradley

Vice president, Customer Experience

Kimberly has decades of 3PL warehousing experience, including over 15 years with Zethcon. She oversees the company’s customer service teams, promoting alignment across the organization and optimizing the customer experience. This includes positioning Zethcon as a comprehensive WMS resource, from implementation and integration to ongoing support, while also collaborating with customers to expand functionality and manage new technology like robotics.

Prior to joining Zethcon, Kimberly worked in a variety of management roles for logistics organizations. Her first involvement with Synapse WMS was actually as a customer, helping guide selection and deployment of the system before using it for day-to-day warehouse management. 

Kimberly has presented at IWLA events, including a roundtable on handling costs and space challenges that face California supply chains. She studied business administration with a management specialization at Saint Leo University in Tampa, Florida.


Matt Stokfisz

Director, Business Development

Matt brings nearly 30 years of supply chain software experience to his role at Zethcon, including over a decade serving 3PL operations. He joined the company in 2008 and is responsible for sales of Synapse WMS and complementary technologies, including handheld devices, hardware, robotics and more. 

Prior to joining Zethcon, Matt served in multi-faceted sales roles for warehousing and transportation software companies, managing everything from sales to training and implementation. Through hands-on experience and continuing education, he has honed a consultative sales approach, working with the customer to diagnose their key business challenges and prescribe a best-fit solution. 

Matt has been involved with the IWLA since 1995, attending conferences and presenting on topics such as Zethcon’s API, labor management and robotics. He graduated from Michigan State University in 1990 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology.