847.318.0800 [email protected]

You credentials have been PHISHED

The credentials you just submitted have been phished from you by Zethcon’s IT department.

Please IMMEDIATELY reset the credentials of the account you just used to attempt to gain access and make sure Multi Factor Authentication is enabled.

Please review what you missed that would have alerted you that the intentions of the email were not legitimate.

  1. The email comes from an address that is not part of the organization even though it may be close.
    1. [email protected] instead of [email protected]
  2. We would not send an email like this out to an individual
  3. We don’t have to entice people to do something with a gift
  4. When you hover over the link it gives you an unrecognizable link that is different than what is displayed
    1. https://prepublish.zethcon.com compared to website.zethcon.co
  5. The signature has missing, altered, and added text.