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Your Solution, Your Way.

While Synapse is a great solution for any warehouse, it excels in 3PL operations. Our system was developed in conjunction with leading 3PL’s and includes a laundry-list of 3PL-centric features. Powerful billing, multi-client functionality, and customer-specific processing are built right in.

Zethcon’s software has been in production usage for over 10 years now and has powered operations for major 3PL operators as well as online retailers and dedicated distribution operations. With an unparalleled track record of success, Synapse is the 3PL WMS you’ll keep.

In Synapse, Zethcon has built a software application that sets the standard for configurability and ease of deployment. Every release of the system contains dozens of new features designed to help you run an efficient operation. And with simple point-and-click. configuration that requires no programming or technical know-how, taking advantage of all the software has to offer is a simple task.


Exchange Files With Ease.

Synapse is designed for integration. With a built in Import/Export utility that provides a simple and reliable method for getting data into and out of your 3PL WMS, Synapse can easily import and export flat files, XML, EDI, and proprietary data formats. Data exchange can be fully automated for a hands-off integration with your customers. Additionally, importing large volumes of setup data can be performed using the same familiar tools used for managing file-based integrations. This means that setup and configuration of even large complex facilities can be accomplished quickly.

Do It Yourself. Or Not.

As with many things in 3PL, there are multiple approaches to accomplishing integrations. Unlike other providers, Zethcon gives you control to choose how you implement integrations. Want to do it all yourself? No problem. We can train you on our tools and you take it from there. Want to outsource it all to us? That’s fine too. We can support you to whatever degree works best for your organization.

Realizing the Benefits: Midwest Warehouse Case Study

Hosted 3PL Warehouse Management System

We at Zethcon realize that not everyone is interested in managing the IT infrastructure for the systems they use. It’s becoming more and more prevalent in this era of the Cloud. To address this, Zethcon is pleased to offer Synapse either locally installed or hosted. Customers can choose the deployment method that works for them and enjoy the exact same powerful 3PL WMS solution regardless of which method they choose.


Carrier Grade Hosting

Zethcon’s hosted customers enjoy peace of mind knowing that their 3PL WMS solution is hosted in a carrier-grade facilitiy in Chicago that is only minutes from the zethcon home office. Multiple internet providers, multiple backup generators, monitered climate control, biometric access controls, and 24/7 manned support are all a part of the package.

Systems Administered By Zethcon Experts

Zethcon’s hosting service is run by a team of dedicated professionals who monitor, backup, and administer all aspects of the system.

It’s Not a Cloud System – It’s Your System

Most Cloud based software is what you might call “single instance” software. This means that all users are logged into a single, online instance of the system and are sharing its resources. In this model, all users have the exact same version of the system with the exact same features. That’s not the Zethcon Model. Zethcon hosted customers get their own private, hosted network and dedicated servers that run their unique instance of Synapse. This means that modifications and upgrades to the system come at the pace and on the schedule of the customer, not when determined by us.

Web Enabled

Synapse includes an easily extended web services API that may be utilized to further integrate your 3PL warehouse management system with other systems, be they your own software tools, your customers’ systems, or interfaces to other third parties. With a simple design that is both reliable and lightweight, it ensures that you can easily integrate to whatever systems you need.

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