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Why Zethcon

There are many reasons why you should choose the right WMS software partner, we have listed a few of the most important ones to our customers.

Been There, Done That

Zethcon was founded in 1970 and has focused on warehousing and distribution since 1982, known for our 3PL warehouse management software and long-lasting customer relationships. Since its debut as our flagship product almost 20 years ago, Synapse WMS has evolved to meet the needs of more than 100 3PLs who still use it today, reflecting our depth of experience, technical expertise and commitment to ongoing customer support.

You’d Almost Think We Were a Warehouse Company

Zethcon is a software company. It’s what we do, but not all we do. Every employee has years of experience working with warehouses, contributing to a deep understanding of warehouse operations, technology and 3PLs in particular. And while our service offerings focus on Synapse WMS, we provide additional value with input on 3PL pricing, IT planning and deployment, warehouse layout, process engineering and more. And to keep that high standard, we don’t outsource anything. Every person you deal with at Zethcon is one of our employees based in the United States.

Want to Talk to the Owner? No Problem.

Unlike many WMS providers, Zethcon is neither owned by a capital firm preparing to sell, nor a public company responding to shareholder interests at the expense of customers. We’re a lean, efficient, employee-owned business, which enables long-term endurance and quick response to the needs of our customers.

You’ve Got Someone on the Inside

Every customer gets a Zethcon Customer Advocate – someone dedicated to ensuring your needs are met and your voice is heard. The Customer Advocate is who you contact for assistance with onboarding a new operation, clarifying a system functionality best practice or reviewing your implementation to ensure optimal use of Synapse WMS. Choose Zethcon and you’ll never deal with an anonymous person.

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