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Zethcon announces the completion of our rebranding process with the launch of a new company website, Zethcon.com. The rebranding provides a refreshed look and feel as we begin its second 50 years in business, while remaining true to our company’s core identity as a dedicated, knowledgeable and nimble third-party logistics (3PL) software partner.


The new website launched in July, with in-depth, updated content and modern graphic elements coming together as a reflection of a year-long branding exercise meant to provide a solid marketing foundation to support our continued growth. The website gives users a complete resource for information on Zethcon’s flagship product, Synapse WMS – a warehouse management system (WMS) for 3PL operations – and our related capabilities, including hosting options, integration services, technical support and more.


“Beyond just providing a clean, contemporary image, the branding and website exercises are about communicating who we are and what we do that makes us successful,” says Chris Oechsel, CEO, Zethcon. “Our challenge was to take what our customers know Zethcon for – state-of-the-art technology that’s constantly being upgraded and modernized – and make that value more readily apparent to the rest of the market.”